Bill Smith and Sheryl Scott are married and live in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Pasadena, California. Both are full-time graphic designers and part-time amateur home-rebuilders (though it often feels like the other way around.) Sheryl also sits on the board of directors for Friends of the Gamble House. You can find Bill’s work at designSimple.com.

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In late 2006 I started looking for property to purchase in western Pennsylvania near the town of Punxsutawney. My dream of buying a farm or rural acreage was postponed, however, when I discovered that the broadband I need to do my graphic design work was unavailable outside of the towns in the area. So I adjusted my expectations. In December I found a house on the edge of Punxsutawney. It was in decent shape, though it was apparent that no major work had been done to the structure in decades. I liked the size and shape of the dwelling, and it sat on a huge lot, but I’d have my work cut out to make it into the cozy second home that I had in mind.