This should be a photo of tiny mushrooms growing from the floor.

Mold and Mushrooms


SO we haven’t made much physical progress this week because of the rain. We’re also trying to get up to speed with a general plan to submit to the permit office but we’re still working out the basic layout of the house. Our dining room table is deep in books about plumbing, framing, contracting, craftsman homes…

We’re going to start skinning the interior this week, so Sheryl and I did another inspection, and took some measurements and photos. Here are some lovely mushrooms that are growing in one of the bedrooms.

The attic access is from the exterior. I climbed up to see what was going to hit me in the face when I eventually pull the ceiling down. Surprisingly, there was no insulation at all. None in the walls either. Add in louvered windows (probably installed in the ’60s), and that was one cold house in the winter. I also cracked open the crooked garage which was screwed shut with sheets of plywood. Straightening the garage and installing a new door will be done soon as I’ll need a secure area on site to store tools, materials, and also items that we remove from the house. We plan to reuse as much material from the original house as possible, along with architectural salvage from several locations in town. More on that later.

That’s all for tonight. Here’s a parting shot of our little penicillin factory with a camellia bush peeking through the window.