No Toys in the Attic

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Probably spent close to 24 hours crawling around in the hot, dusty confines of my attic. The second story had no wiring to speak of, so I had to drop electric line and install boxes for every switch and light in each room. I also had to install a ventilation fan in the bathroom. After all that was done, I wanted to top the old blown insulation off with a thick layer of fluffy, yellow fiberglass.

The hole in my cieling

The attic entrance.

The attic

Beginning to roll the new fiberglass insulation. The blown stuff seemed pretty deadly, so I wore a respirator the whole time I was up there. Way in the back you can see the vent pipe for the new fan/light unit in the bathroom.

The attic, post-insulation

Hope it’s a long time before I have to crawl around up here again. While I was trapped in the attic, I got to inspect the frame and planks pretty well. They were all in great shape, little to no water damage, and the passive ventilation seemed to work okay, though I’m thinking of installing a solar-powered or thermostatically controlled fan for additional cooling in the summer when I put new roofing on next year.